Xcalibur Replaced by Abed at Fnatic

Xcalibur stepped down from the active roster but Abed is the new mid player of Fnatic and comes back as the new coach. Xcalibur has been replaced by Abed Azel L. Yusop. We can’t wait to see the results because it`s…

How Teams Approach Decisive The Hidden Impact of Certain Heroes

First of all, you should be versed on a given hero before you take them into your team. Analyse your matches and decide how a match could have been easier to play if a single hero was swapped out. A few…

Vici Gaming prevail to take on Team Liquid

Vici Gaming was thrown to the lower ranks of the loser bracket finals, so both teams wanted to revenge and looking to be the first team to hand them a loss. In the end, it was Vici Gaming who proved to…

How Teams Approach Decisive Matches

Dota is the most popular game in the world, that why a lot more players play the game and the competition become hard. The number of matches increased, which means that professional players have less time to prepare. Quisque at condimentum…

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Dota 2 Ti6 Prize Pool up to $18.5M, Breaks Its Own Record

The record was set by International prize pool last year. This growing global interest has had a profitable knock-on effect for eSports competitors. A prize pool to be shared among people who are very good at digital sports. In our days…

Behind the Scenes of the Journeys of Professional Dota 2 Teams

A lot of people think that getting paid to play video games is the easy job. Games are usually an entertainment, but nowadays they take enough profit to entire leagues and professional competitions. The life of a professional gamer requires perseverance…

New Ward Spots And Terrain Changes in 7.07

Ward is a great item that can provide vision in the area where the wards are located. Gemers who plays on the side of Radiant can place wards Dota 2 to the right of the ramp which was originally exposed to…

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August 20 – 25, 2018
Rogers Arena, Vancouver, CA